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Odyssey Air Booster Nitrogen Booster

Odyssey Air & Nitrogen Boosters

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Need a hassle-free, reliable air or nitrogen booster but don’t want a custom piece? Hycomp Odyssey air & nitrogen boosters come in 11 standard sizes geared towards our customers. With varying flow and pressure capacities, these boosters use air-cooled nitrogen or air to accomplish your typical compressor needs.

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Is your plant air pressure just not enough? Hycomp oil free air boosters take pre-compressed air from a low-pressure source and increase it to a higher pressure.

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Need to compress any gas other than air? Hycomp oil free gas compressors are capable of delivering a wide range of flows at a wide variety of pressures.

Since 1969, Hycomp has been earning the trust and loyalty of our customers by designing, manufacturing, and supporting high-quality, solution-oriented, oil-free gas and air compression equipment for critical applications.

Hycomp specializes in solutions tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the end-user’s application. Our ability to rapidly align the needs of the customer with one of our standard configurations, or to tailor the compressor and control system design to the exact specifications of our customer, is one of our core strengths.

Our systems are constructed on a foundation of API compliant compressor requirements. We incorporate many large compressor design principles into our small to medium size compressor platforms.

Our experience working within the highly-detailed and highly-engineered environment of large Original Equipment Manufacturers and large Engineering, Construction, and Procurement Firms in the placement of compressor systems into their critical applications has given us superior understanding and knowledge of project specifications and special quality requirements that must be followed. Our experience leads to your peace-of-mind.

At the same time, our experience in these industries and in other market segments has given us insight into establishing many standard designs including the selection and use of proven and reliable packaging solution options to meet the needs of many of our customers without the extra time and expense of custom-tailoring each machine to the application.

Trust Hycomp to provide the performance, experience, and support that your application demands.


Here are just a few of our satisfied customers from the past 40+ years:

Hycomp gas compressors have outperformed any other competitor. The units keep up with demand and are cost efficient. Our evaluations show the compressors gave us a payback within an eight month period.
Eddie Cunningham

M.T.S., Pratt & Whitney

Hycomp gas compressors excel at vapor recovery applications…the configuration of the Hycomp compressor with its distance piece allows us to build a safe package rated for Class 1, Division 1 electrical.
Steve Krupski

Service, Production Systems Sales and Service

It has been a pleasure working with Hycomp since 2000 we have developed a relationship of co-operation and have had many successful installations. Working with you and your people is always positive; we appreciate the knowledge and professionalism shown at all times. We look forward to a continuing relationship for many years into the future.

As an integrator of systems that incorporates Hycomp compressors, I have always been pleased with the quality of your compressors. I would strongly recommend Hycomp compressors as a reliable product, and Hycomp as an excellent company to work with.

Joe Moretti

President, Industrial Solutions, LLC

All four of our Hycomp compressors have operated reliably for their entire lifetime. The maintenance is straightforward and inexpensive. The factory support is outstanding. I have not experienced any compressor failures in their operating history.

Since these compressors supply compressed nitrogen to operate critical components in a nuclear power plant, that reliability has been very important to me.

…I would highly recommend the Hycomp reciprocating compressors to anyone who desires reliability…

Jeff Jeanguenat

System Engineer, PPL Susquehanna, LLC

Ceprot Systems has been a packager of natural gas compressors for well head applications in Estonia and the Baltic region since 2005. They supply reciprocating and rotary screw compressors. Hycomp received a request from Ceprot Systems for a vapor recovery compressor to operate in a very remote region of Ukraine. The application required a compressor to recover the natural gas vapors and compress them to a pressure that could be re-introduced into the production system. Due to the remote installation location and lack of cooling water, Ceprot required an air cooled system with very high reliability.

Hycomp was able to build exactly what Ceprot Systems required with an oil-free, air-cooled “F” block compressor and “G” series packing arrangement. This package included a skid-mounted compressor with motor, and air cooled intercooler and after cooler. It was supplied to the Sakhalin gas treatment plant near Kharkov, Ukraine.

“The unit is working in a very heavy application and a very remote location and we have had no service issues for many months”, stated Alex Shvets, General Director of Ceprot Systems.

Alex Shvets

General Director, Ceprot Systems

When I join Leia Inc. as the Head of Lab Operations in October 2017, the first thing I noticed was the Hycomp booster compressor that provides the high pressure Compressed Dry Air for our ASML stepper. Without CDA, we have to shut down our operation. So this Hycomp booster compressor becomes my priority. This compressor has not been serviced for close to 4 years but it is still working very well! However, I immediately contacted Hycomp for service on this unit. The service team is so efficient and knowledgeable. Within a few days, they put together a complete list of all parts that the compressor would need for a complete service. They recommend a local service company that provides a fantastic service on our booster compressor.

I think Hycomp products are rock solid and their service team is first class. They are so good that I decided to take Hycomp compressor out of my list of critical infrastructures! I know Hycomp and the service team will always be there when I need them!

Tan Ha

Head of Lab Operations, Leia Inc.

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me and help resolve the issues we were having with our Hycomp air booster. Also taking the time to email me with the solutions shows great customer support and service not always seen in our industry. We will for sure keep this in mind when selecting systems we may need in the future.
John Mcauliffe

HVAC Mechanic

From contact, concepts, and design, to final documents, purchase, install, and start up, you were patient and willing to work with me the whole time. No matter how much a pain I was and the constant design changes I required, you were professional and fun to work with the whole time. I wish I had a need to buy another one so I can work with you guys again. I really do.
Guy Taylor

Senior Facilities Engineer, Siluria Technologies