Engineer to Engineer

Hycomp Oil Free Compressor and Booster Engineering Support (Engineer To Engineer) The Engineer to Engineer or “E2E” Concept:
Our engineers work directly with your engineers to provide you with the exact solution your application requires.

Experience has proven that the interests of end users, distributors and Hycomp are best served when we approach an opportunity with engineering involvement from the outset. We follow an “Engineer to Engineer” (E2E) process as we work through the specifics of the application and as we design your system.

Personal attention and close communication with your engineering team allows Hycomp to design and build the compressor, controls, and complete package tailored to the specifics of the application.

Benefits for customers:

• Hycomp pre-design investigation solves possible problems before they occur.

• Hycomp understands the details of each application then designs, builds and tests accordingly.

• Trust is built between you and Hycomp and your confidence is increased in a solid product.

Our goal is to provide the right solution that will perform flawlessly for years. With a product that performs reliably and with great support service, trust is built between the end user, the distributor and the manufacturer, leading to future opportunities.

We invite you to experience the Hycomp difference. Contact a Hycomp dealer today and find out why your engineers talking to our engineers will lead to a better product and better solutions.


February 2010: Volume 1, Issue 2
The Hycomp Performance Under Pressure Monthly Newsletter

Click here for the February 2010 issue of Performance Under Pressure (PDF)

The following text is from the headline articles of this issue:

“‘Engineer To Engineer’ Means Full Engineering Involvement”
John O’Donnell, President of J. O’Donnell & Associates recently experienced Hycomp’s engineering involvement. John was the conduit in providing a solution for Air Products & Chemicals, a fortune 500 – 8.3 billion dollar company. “It was a pleasure working that job and receiving the cooperation from Ken Schiefer and the Hycomp engineers. The [Hycomp] engineers were about 3,000 miles away but it felt like they were just down the street…” said O’Donnell. …more

“You Ask The Questions & Hycomp Answers: Hycomp Q & A”
Question: Flow measurements, such as: CFM, SCFM, ICFM, and ACFM are often blended when specifying the capacity of a pump. How can we make sense of these measures of flow and understand what is needed to provide a solution? …more

Engineer to Engineer Engineer to Engineer “E2E” Distributor Case Study

Mike Byrd of Air Services Company recently had a complex booster application for PET plastic bottle blowing that he was working on with his customer. The system involved multiple equipment providers.

The customer was having trouble getting clear information regarding flow requirements and specifications. During an Engineering to Engineer (E2E) discussion with the end user, all the parties were able to clarify the flow measurement information by settling on the same standard definitions as a common baseline. A consensus was reached quickly and the right solution was proposed.

After that E2E discussion, Mike reported back to Hycomp:

”I just want to let you know how well the E2E conversation we had last week went. Shortly after our conversation ended, I received a phone call from my customer thanking me for taking the time to speak with them. Their high level management personnel all had questions that they needed answered so they could make a more educated decision on their equipment purchase.”

Mike concluded, “By the end of the conversation we all had a much better understanding of compressed air boosters, flow ratings, the customer’s process and the Hycomp solution. I am confident that this conversation “boosted” our odds at getting an order and gave the customer more confidence in the Hycomp product. Thanks for your help.”

Mike was right, 7 days later, the customer issued a purchase order for a Hycomp Oil Free Air Booster.