As Hycomp celebrates our 50 year mark, we recognize where we started and we are thankful for where we are today.  In 1969, William James brought Hycomp to life under the name Aeroflow Industries.  The Areoflow compressor line gained a reputation for quality, longevity and dependability as an oil-free air compressor throughout the 1970’s and early 1980’s.  The company left family control in the late 1980’s, at a time when oil-less compressors began to enter the market as cheaper alternative to the heavier duty Oil-Free design utilized by Aeroflow.

Robert James bought the company in 1995 with a vision of entering the commercial and recreational diving industry, renaming the company Hycomp, Inc.  After a few years, it became clear the manufacturing industry would allow for more growth and increased opportunities. Shortly thereafter, a large multi-national gas manufacturing company requested an air booster from Hycomp, which led to a pivotal expansion in the product line, as the focus shifted from air compressors to air boosters.  A partnership with a nitrogen generator manufacturer in 2001 led to the inclusion of nitrogen and other gases in our booster product lineup. Hycomp quickly became familiar and comfortable with custom work, which became our specialty.  The expansion of the Energy, Oil & Gas market led to rapid expansion through the next decade.  This is where the company truly hit its stride and began to see significant success.  Starting from bare compressor blocks and moving to custom projects, Hycomp has grown and adapted into the company you know today.


Today, we are located in Utah where we have been for over 16 years. We focus on manufacturing safe, reliable compressor systems. Part of our mission is to build a company where people are inspired to better their lives. Many employees have long tenures here and we believe that says a lot about the company but even more so about our people.

For our customers, our service team provides 24/7 live support & troubleshooting because we understand how valuable your time is. Our entire team is dedicated to ensuring you have a positive experience every step of the way. From Sales and Engineering, to Production, Operations & Quality, it is our people that make our products and processes successful. Together, these individuals make our Hycomp Family.


When speaking with Robert James, President, about the future of this company, the goals are very clear. After realizing he could accomplish more with an exceptional team, he based his mindset off a quote from business lecturer Jim Collins; get the right people on the bus. He feels he has done exactly that with his leadership team. He has full confidence in their ability to run the company with him taking a back seat in the bus, as opposed to driving.

Hycomp expects to see the Odyssey line of standardized compressors find increasing success. Most customers don’t need the intricacies of a custom designed system- they largely operate within specific ranges and parameters. Developing a standardized design has allowed for decreased cost, and faster production time for our customers. We will continue to grow and refine both our standard products and our  custom Engineered capabilities. And, we will provide solutions to our customers and their applications for the next 50 years.